Why Join a Vacation Club?

va12400855_974012659302702_2982657519151121254_nWhy Join a Vacation Club?

Picture your perfect vacation. Are you lounging in a hammock under the warm sun with the sound of waves crashing into the shore as the tide slowly rises? Perhaps you’re perched on the edge of a ski lift as you prepare to take on a double black diamond trail. Maybe you have an affinity for history and you can’t wait to explore 14th century castles in Scotland.

If your time away from work and home is important to you and you start planning your one- or two-week vacation a year in advance, you might want to consider becoming a member of a vacation club.

How do Vacation Clubs Work?

A vacation club isn’t quite like Club Med, which is an all-inclusive resort vacation. Most vacation clubs operate similarly to timeshares, in that you invest your money into a particular unit and a particular week in the year. However, timeshares have become more flexible with the points system. So, you still buy a portion of a unit by “purchasing” a week at a resort of your choice, which is known as your home resort. Through most vacation clubs, your week translates into points that you can spend to vacation in different resorts in the vacation club’s network. The points work like vacation currency. If you choose a destination, such as a resort in Orlando, Florida, during peak season, you will need to spend more points to reserve a spot. Alternatively, if you choose to holiday off peak season, you can spend fewer points for the same villa.

Most vacation clubs expect you to pay a large lump sum upfront, or you can set up financing. The initial cost will cover all expenses for that year and lock you into a contract with the club. In most cases, you are making a real estate purchase and the right-to-use can be passed on to your heirs. However, some contracts end after a certain number of years or upon your death. On average, vacation clubs cost roughly $20,000. Member fees are due annually and generally run from $800 to $1,000. Those fees, and maintenance fees, which are sometimes separate from the annual dues, can increase each year. If any major repairs or other work needs to be done to the resort, you should expect to see a bill to help cover those costs, too. So, vacation clubs can be a good investment in your time off, if you have the means.

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